02 November 2009

The "inner collager" in "E."

I saw this lying around on "E's." drawing table and decided to flip through it.


"Flikristas" are a merry mix of professional and amateur photographers of the Philippines who have sites on Flickr.com.  I had no idea how strong a web bond they had, as they were just faceless creatures throwing back and forth comments on their photostreams, until they would show up on our doorstep every now and then in the farm or attend "E.'s" or my show. 




"E.'s" entry is a couple of pages long and expounds on his artist statement.  He explained this is a travelogue about Zambales documented in moleskine by different "flickristas".  They passed this notebook amongst each other with a two week time frame for each.  It took "E." a month to fill it up because he was busy painting the works for the Chianciano Biennale. 
This little discovery gave me ammunition to tease "E.". Sometimes we need to unleash the "inner collager"  in us and the world would be a much better place.

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