31 October 2009

Mrs. Bee goes bargain hunting!

Bargain hunting is a sport I try to indulge in every once in awhile.  I was wide eyed enough to start an early morning trip to sashay my hips down Evangelista street and the little side streets of generals: Hizon, Garcia, Lacuna et al.   I was accompanied by my sister, who is a busy lawyer and on leave.  Her day off  was not without official  interruptions  by text messages and phone calls.  But that didn't stop us from having a great time, vocalizing when the prices were a bit steep (aaaa...several octaves higher than normal), a few crazy laughs and getting the best deals in town! 

Here are a few of our favorite finds: 

picture-perfect: all together in one shot

 exotic and intricate                                              (close-up)

copper kitchen wares

copper fruits

"The Simpsons" chessboard with plastic chess pieces

picture frames made in the U.S.A.

a ceramic handpainted dish from Italy

 a ram made of Chinese coins

halloween designs on melamine plates from "pottery barn kids"

A bewitching happy halloween to you all!


Mrs. Bee's Sidebar:   On several separate occasions, these were my finds:

arte Espanol blue glass candelabra

shabby chic tablestand clock

country chic hanging clock

a white vanity table with chair

Trust me. Whoever says he doesn't love a bargain, is lying!

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