26 October 2009

Passion's defining moment mounted on walls and sealed in stone

Je suis une artiste but when I attend a gallery show or a museum opening, I leave everything I know about making art at the door. I scurry along (oh my, is it too early to be revealing secrets?) in search for a secret ingredient.  Suffice it to say, I am polite and generous with my oohs and aaahs.   It is sincere and heartfelt because I understand what it is like to  labour in the studio, months on end.  It is a feat in itself to finish a body of work despite the day to day agony and ecstasy.  To constantly worry about composition, harmony and balance while juggling brushes, a palette and a frame of mind, or other tools of the trade, can be physically and mentally painful and tedious.   

But this much I can say, I know PASSION when I see it.  It met me at the door and escorted me through two separate exhibition spaces at my own giddy pace. PASSION, bold and in all caps! Passion is the secret ingredient that brings the work to life!  It's what makes a Van Gogh, a Van Gogh! It was overwhelmingly spread all over the large scale oeuvres. It couldn't contain itself, bouncing off the walls and the floor.  Art is alive and breathing! 

Gentlemen of Philippine art, take a bow!  Bravo and well done, Anthony Palomo and Joel Alonday!  


Anthony Palomo's passion is a page turner in the children's book, "Ang Dyip ni Mang Tomas", published by CANVAS and written by Genaro R. Gojo Cruz.  Currently ongoing at the ArtistSpace in the Ayala Museum, while

passion in Joel Alonday's sculptural pieces, is sealed in stone, at Art Informal:


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